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I am a travel writer, a travel photographer and a travel videographer and I write from the point of view of a single female boomer traveller. I am, on the whole, free to go whenever and wherever I want to. I write about my solo trips, whether it's exploring on my own during the non-working weekends of business trips, or land tours I have taken while on cruises or on bus/coach tours. Although I do read up on a place before I go, I like best just to arrive and discover it as much as I can by myself, so as to describe my encounters, talk briefly about the people I meet, and praise or critique sights and tour experiences. Sometimes I hire a taxi on my own, sometimes I jump on a hop-on-hop-off city tour, sometimes I take public transport - busses or underground trains - and sometimes I just find a map and walk to where I want to go. I photograph whatever catches my eye and describe my thoughts and feelings.

My main goal in life is to visit as many countries as I possibly can before I die. I surpassed 100 some years ago, but have many more still to discover. I am strongly aware of the fact that I must travel while I am still able to, and I do have a bucket list, of sorts. In order to expand my horizons, I have attempted a few jobs in the travel business, but I can't say that they got me where I wanted to be. I thought that if I had a job in the tour business, I would get paid to travel. Well, that is sort of true, but as it worked out, it was neither as much travel as I wanted, nor necessarily where I wanted to go. For about a year, I worked as International Ambassador on six large cruise ships for one American cruise ship company, but in actual fact I rarely had the opportunity to get off the ship in order to be able to explore the exotic places we docked at due to my workload. Frankly, it was an exhausting job.

Another couple of gigs I had were to sell tours in South America and Africa, and although they were not very enriching, both experiences were worthwhile, as they opened my eyes to some of the events that can go wrong on tours, especially when one has no control over them.

I now travel when I can and as much as I can. Since I currently work for myself, I can actually do what I do to make money anywhere, as long as I have my laptop, my camera and connection to the internet. I record my memories with my camera and write down what I feel might be interesting to others who intend to visit the same places. For me, food, hotels, flights are not that important, except as nourishment, a place to sleep and a means to get to where I want to go. Instead, it's the sights, the people, the smells, the colours, the sounds, the conversations that make travel so enjoyable and I endeavour to evoke some of these aspects in my articles and photography. I do hope that my descriptions and musings appeal to your own sense of travel and inspire to you to create your own journeys of discovery and adventure.
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