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“Thank you for capturing our wedding day in such a polished package. Your eye for detail has made our memories of that day that much more special. Your insight into colour and light brought out the highlights of the evening. Your professionalism and diligence helped make our day run that much more smoothly.” - Penny and David C., Vancouver, BC, Canada.

“Angela Fairbank is a highly creative photographer who focuses her natural talents on people, places and lifestyle. As a family, we have engaged Angela to photograph a number of special occasions over the years and, each time, Angela far exceeded all expectations. Whether photographing the event or selecting images during the layout and design process and delivering the finished product, Angela is always the consummate professional. Angela's heightened awareness of her surroundings and her dedication to quality ensures her images are powerful and emotionally charged. As well, her use of colour, balance light and texture captures the essence of her subject in an extraordinary way, with the images captured from a moment in time coming to life off the paper.” - Elaine S., Vancouver, BC, Canada.

“As I go through your Ethiopia Through the Eyes of a Photographer book, it causes me to think very deeply. What is the world really like when looking at it from different angles, from the ancient to the present? I love [the book] so much and will keep it with me forever.” - Vikki S., Hong Kong, China.

Vancouver Through the Eyes of a Photographer is a fantastic collection of images and I keep picking it up to have another look. It is beautifully produced, such a talented eye, the colours so vibrant, the designs so cleverly arranged, the text so clear and interesting. I can't believe the time and care it must have taken to get this amazing result...I'm sure it will be very popular with both locals and tourists. I like the format and paper too, it is a really satisfying size, shape and weight. I love the lively street scenes and the still life and if I had to choose, my favourites would be the flowers, the marine creatures and the red pages.” - Romie B., Worcestershire, England.

“I must tell you how much I have been enjoying your two photography books of Vancouver and Ethiopia. The city [of Vancouver] has changed so much that I was glad to see the new as well as the familiar. I have just finished reading Brian Stewart's (the journalist) latest visit to Ethiopia. Since 1964 he has visited and revisited much of Africa and has a very positive view of the forces at work for change. So I was struck by the cheerful pictures you present.” - Freda M., White Rock, BC, Canada.

“Yesterday I had the chance to look through your book Vicwood Group Through the Eyes of a Photographer. It is amazing, excellent and encouraging. It makes all of us excited and builds an atmosphere of unity and family. You bring all the beauty (which might be neglected by us during our life) into your book and nourish our eyes. Congratulations, Angela!” - Susan S., Suzhou, China.

“The book you did - Class of 1978, Crofton House School - 30 Years On - all I can say is that I spent a wonderful hour or more just laughing and chuckling and smiling at all these beautiful women. Well done - you are a genius you do know, right? I think this will be inspiring for is lovely and I am sure many women will find closure - we are not all living glamorous lives. I think that is what everyone fears. I loved your foreword...vive la femme indeed. Made me cry...nice how you talked about what was important and how the weekend went. We are all very lucky to have you.” - Jacoline L., Toronto, Ontario.

“I've really enjoyed looking at the very 'cool' memory book - Class of 1978, Crofton House School - 30 Years On. It's lots of fun to reflect on, and I can't tell you how much fun it has been to reconnect with so many.” - Alison P., Vancouver, BC.

“Many thanks for the Class of 1978, Crofton House School - 30 Years On book which arrived yesterday! It looks wonderful and it is fun to read too...Angela, your...penultimate page is fantastic - our graduating young selves with superimposed older selves, complete with Alison in jeans with a can of beer sitting on her former self, Mary Rose with a flute of champagne, and the mugs of Old Girls too. What a great memory book! I'll read more at my leisure, as it certainly reminds me of what we all shared - the book and photos are wonderful and funny.” - Catherine H., Victoria, BC.

“Wow what a fantastic job you did (on Class of 1978, Crofton House School - 30 Years On)! THANK-YOU. I love having my copy...I loved the 'now' pics on the grad pics - very clever.” - Heather S., New York, NY, USA.

“The book (Confirmation Through the Eyes of Two Photographers) looks FABULOUS!! We are so so happy with it. Thank you so much for undertaking such a creative, special memory for the girls. We love it.” - Kara F., Vancouver, BC, Canada.

“...your beautiful (2009) calendar...all of us admired your work. Such brilliant colours and such contrast of gay faces and time-worn ones. The patterns in colour made me want to reach into my embroidery basket to begin a project, but it would never have the vibrancy you showed.” - Freda M., White Rock, BC, Canada.

“Everyone has been thrilled with my parent's 50th anniversary books which are now around the globe - my cousins in England, my sister in Ottawa, my uncles here, especially as there are few photos of them together. And, of course, my parents who were over the moon when I took the book to them last week. They said to make sure I gave you a huge thank you, on their behalf, for all the work you did on the book and tell you they think you have an incredible talent for taking photos. The book is proudly sitting on their coffee table in their living room for all to see!” - Elaine S., Vancouver, BC, Canada.

“I was surprised to find a package outside my front door this morning. When I opened it up and saw the beautiful photos, I was amazed at the beautiful photography and the plethora of images - especially the various animal phone booths. You really captured some fine shots! I have already hung the [2011] calendar in my home office. Thank you so much for sending the wonderful surprise.” - Janice K., Arizona, USA.

“Thank you very much for this beautiful calendar! We wish you all the best for 2011 and hope it will bring you health, success in your projects (a lot of jaguar sightseeing!) and happiness.” - Carine J. and Alain L., Toulouse, France.

“Thank you for the calendar we received several days ago - it is beautiful and it made us revisit all the moments. We will visit the Facebook page and post photos - we have some very good ones as well. Thank you so much for the memories.” - Magdalena D., Texas, USA.

“Luca and I would like to thank you so much for the beautiful calendar! It was a nice surprise and the pics are really wonderful. We appreciate a lot. Many thanks for your kind thoughts and see you soon! We still have something to do (and see) in the Pantanal!” - Cinzia L. and Luca Z., Milan, Italy.


“Angela, I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work on Presidente Pride - This City's Colours. I'm sure proud of it, and so pleased with all of you for working hard and working together to come up with such a great finished product! Awesome job!” - Matthew P., Musician, singer and songwriter, Vancouver, BC, Canada. (This was in reference to the 6-minute documentary on Matthew that I directed and for which I was one of the camera operators.

“Thank you so much for your help today with the shoot - you put in a very long day and I sure appreciate it. You work well with have a nice way of getting things back on track. Great job!” - Matthew P., Musician, singer and songwriter, Vancouver, BC, Canada. (This was in reference to Matthew's 3:35-minute music video, Rainbow Reaction that I worked on with Stephen E. in November 2010.

“I just watched your film Royal Lepage Comox Valley Snow to Surf Adventure Relay Event, 29 April 2012. Great job! You managed to capture the whole race (the inserts and b roll served you well) and the footage looks good. Love the kayak flip with the Go Pro Hero! Very cool race! It's inspiring me to get out and enjoy nature again...The interviewees looked quite comfortable talking with you - looks like you put them at ease - a good skill if you will be making docs in the future.” Teresa M., Vancouver, BC

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